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Pet Oral Health Care

The Importance of Oral Health in Pet Care

Oral health is an important aspect of pet care. Having your pet’s teeth cleaned on a regular basis enhances their appearance and protects their dental health. At Town & Country Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive dental care services that are sure to benefit your pet. As a pet owner, you shouldn’t undermine the importance of oral health care for your pet.

Why is it important to schedule regular dental exams for your pet?

Like people, pets can suffer from dental problems that can affect other aspects of their health. It’s not uncommon for pets to develop problems with cracked teeth, abscesses, infected teeth, mouth tumors, fractured jaw or periodontal disease. Left unchecked, these problems can hinder their consumption of food, causing them to lose weight and weaken.

Tooth infections and periodontal disease can spread to other parts of your pet’s body, threatening their overall health and welfare. Through regular dental cleaning, your veterinarian can catch and treat dental problems while they are small to prevent them from escalating into major issues later on.

When Should You Clean Your Pet’s Teeth?

Annual dental checkups and cleaning can help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. If your pet is experiencing problems with bad breath, loose or broken teeth, discolored teeth, excess drooling, pain while chewing, swollen gums or bleeding in their mouth, take them to your veterinarian right away. Any delays could cause these problems to escalate, resulting in more costly, long term treatment for your pet to heal.

Keep in mind that changes in your pet’s behavior such as signs of anger or irritability could be caused by dental issues. A dental checkup will uncover the problem, saving your pet from suffering unnecessary discomfort and pain. We want your pet to enjoy optimum happiness and health. By bringing in your pet for their yearly dental exam which is done at your pet’s annual exam visit, and following the recommendations of our veterinarians, you do your part to protect your pet’s dental health.

How Can Your Vet Help with Dental Care?

Doing recommended dental services from Town & Country Animal Hospital will improve your pet’s oral health. At a dental cleaning, we’ll start with anesthetizing your pet. We'll then do a comprehensive oral exam with full mouth digital x-rays to verify that your pet’s teeth and gums are in good health. Our teeth cleaning procedure entails scaling (to remove plaque above and below the gumline), polishing the teeth, and tooth extractions if needed. By using general anesthesia and monitoring the vitals of the pet while the dental procedure is being done, we can do a thorough job without compromising the safety or comfort of your pet.

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