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Town & Country Animal Hospital

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About Us

At Town & Country Animal Hospital, We Take Pride In What We Do

Our animal hospital in Ocala is a friendly and welcoming environment for pets, children and families. We're proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities, including an advanced surgical suite. Digital radiography and ultrasound ensure precise diagnostic results. Heated tables enhance your pet's comfort, advanced anesthesia and oxygen saturation monitors ensure your pet's safety during an operation, and our post-surgery recovery unit is a safe place for your pet to recovery under supervised veterinary care.

Our animal hospital performs complex orthopedic surgeries, and provides secondary opinions for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and other surgical procedures. Our surgeon and experienced veterinarian Dr. Kelly Culbertson is the only veterinarian in Ocala to offer Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteostomy (TPLO) surgery for repairing a torn cruciate ligament.

An Atmosphere of Pet Wellness

While we are proficient at providing veterinary care to pets that are ill, we prefer to encourage wellness in pets. Our wellness exams help detect problems early and keep pets healthier. It is not enjoyable for veterinarians or pet owners to only visit when there is a problem. See us regularly to maintain the health and wellness of your pet under more comfortable circumstances.

Regular pet dental cleaning is also an important component of wellness care. Just like in humans, plaque and tartar can build up in your pet's mouth over time. Even with regular brushing, this buildup can lead to a bacterial infection that irritates the gum line. Regular dental cleanings at our animal hospital ensure that your pet's gums are healthy and reduce the risk of potentially serious health complications.

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