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Town & Country Animal Hospital

Emergency and Critical Care

In case of an emergency situation, our veterinarians are here to help you and your furry friend.

There are a whole host of situations that can crop up where your beloved companion will need emergency veterinary care. The trauma of getting struck by a vehicle is one. The impact can cause a fractured bone or internal bleeding.

It’s important to bring your pet to see a vet immediately if they’re struck by a car. If any bones are broken, repair can be done with internal or external stabilization. And if there is internal bleeding, a vet will work to repair the blood vessels and stop the bleeding.

Examples of When Emergency Care is Needed

It’s not uncommon for pets to incur an injury when outdoors. They can cut themselves on fences, garbage pails and metal debris. A vet can inspect the wound, clean it and apply sutures if needed.

Heat stroke in pets can cause death. Pets become dehydrated, and organ failure can occur. The signs of heat stroke include high body temperature, rapid heart rate, dehydration, drooling and reddened gums. If your pet displays any of these symptoms, they are in need of urgent care. Continual vomiting and diarrhea are also signs that your pet is in need of medical care.

By nature, pets are curious and can wind up ingesting poisonous substances, such as household cleaning products, insecticides, human medications and chocolate. If your pet has eaten something toxic, seek veterinary care immediately.

If your pet goes outside to explore, they are likely to meet up with some dangerous critters like snakes. Some snakes are venomous and deliver a painful bite. A veterinarian will know what action to take to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Town & Country Animal Hospital: Your Veterinarians for Urgent Care

At Town & Country Animal Hospital, our skilled and knowledgeable veterinarians are prepared to accept pet emergencies during regular hours. If it’s after hours, we’ll give you a referral to an animal hospital that is open.

Our modern, state-of-the-art facility is equipped with ultrasound, digital radiography and surgical suites. If your pet needs surgery, we carefully monitor anesthesia, oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration rate. After surgery, we carefully observe your pet and release pets only when they are ready. We’ll also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions for your pet’s safe recovery.

If your pet has an emergency, call us at (352) 840-7020 for fast advice. We’ll let you know if you need to bring your pet in for assessment and treatment.