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Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams from Our Ocala Veterinarians

Dog wellness exam information

In ideal world our beloved pets would never get sick at all, but a combination of disease prevention and prompt detection/intervention is surely the next best thing. That's why it's so important to schedule regular wellness examinations for your beloved companion, from the first weeks of life to the senior years -- and why our Ocala veterinarians at Town & Country Animal Hospital offer a comprehensive range of tests and evaluations to help you keep your pet as well as possible, year after year.

A typical wellness evaluation consists of several routine but important steps for ascertaining your pet's current state of health. These include:

- Inspections of the skin and hair for pests or diseases

- Examination of the eyes and ears 

- Observations of your pet's posture, gait, demeanor and other health indicators

- Examination of your pet's major organs and organ function

- Laboratory tests to check for internal parasites or possible disease

- Weighing your pet to help guard against obesity

- Examining your pet's teeth, performing cleanings under anesthesia to help prevent gum disease

puppies and kitten cuddling in Ocala, FL

In addition to these basic considerations, we also take age-related wellness issues into account when we perform our examinations and procedures. For instance:

Puppies and kittens - Baby animals have very limited natural disease immunity of their own, so they require specific core vaccinations against potential killers such as rabies and distemper (both the feline and canine varieties). Your pet may need several rounds of vaccinations at this age to ensure full protection. We also recommend spaying or neutering your pet early in life, not only for population control but also to minimize the risk of reproductive cancers.

Senior animals - Just as humans face age-related health challenges later in life, pets can fall prey to conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or other organ failure, cancer and osteoarthritis. We may recommend that you schedule more than one wellness exam per year so we can vigilantly watch for these conditions, monitor their progress and prescribe timely treatment. Obesity also becomes more of an issue when older pets become more sedentary, so we may prescribe special diets or other lifestyle adjustments to compensate.

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One of the nicest things about veterinary wellness exams is the opportunity for us to bond with your pet and establish a relaxed, friendly relationship. The more comfortable your pet feels with our Ocala veterinarians, the more quickly and easily any necessary procedures will go. It also gives you the opportunity to ask us anything that's on your mind about home care best practices. Of course you're also free to ask questions when scheduling the exam. Our experienced team will advise you on how to prepare for the exam (collecting samples for testing, et cetera) and when to schedule the next wellness exam or procedure. Contact Town & Country Animal Hospital today to set up that all-important first wellness examination!