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Pet Vaccinations From Your Ocala Veterinarians

Pet vaccinations are important for protecting your pet. At Town and Country Animal Hospital in Ocala FL, we provide pet vaccinations for dogs and cats of our community. Our vaccines help keep your pet safe from a variety of common illnesses and medical conditions that affect dogs and cats of our community.

kitten vaccine

Why Get Your Pet Vaccinated in Ocala

We recommend that all pets in Ocala be vaccinated! Below are some of the best reasons to vaccinate your pet:

Vaccinating your pet can help improve your pet’s quality of life and extend your pet’s lifespan. Pets that are vaccinated are less likely to contract illnesses that could result in death and a shortened life span.  

Getting your pet vaccinated can protect your pet from illnesses that would be costly to treat. Protecting your pet from illnesses could result in fewer trips to the veterinarian and fewer medical bills for your pet.

It’s the law. State laws require all pets to get the rabies vaccination. Unless specified by a licensed veterinarian. 

Vaccinating your pet against rabies can help protect the public. Rabies can be spread from animals to people. Vaccinating your pet against rabies can help protect members of your family and the public in general from this terrible disease.

Recommend Core Vaccines For Your Pet

The core cat vaccines include:

  • Feline herpesvirus
  • Feline calicivirus
  • Rabies
  • Feline panleukopenia virus (distemper virus)

The core dog vaccines include:

  • Canine adenovirus
  • Canine parvovirus
  • Canine parainfluenza virus
  • Canine distemper virus
  • Rabies
  • Leptospira spp.(L4)

The core vaccines are vaccines that are administered to pets regardless of their lifestyle factors. Core vaccines are highly effective in protecting your pets.

Non-Core Vaccines For Your Pet

In addition to core vaccines, pets may be given non-core vaccines. These non-core vaccines are given to pets who are at risk for certain illnesses and diseases because of lifestyle and environmental factors.

For cats, non-core vaccines include:

  • Feline leukemia virus (Core vaccine for first 1 year)

For dogs, non-core vaccines include: 

  • Bordetella bronchiseptica (Kennel cough)
  • Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease)

When to Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Vaccinations for your pet began at their first exams starting at 8 weeks of age. Your pet will receive their vaccine boosters every 3 to 4 weeks until they reach 16 to 18 weeks old. After the juvenile vaccines are completed, your pet is examined yearly and their vaccines are boosted to maintain immunity.

At Town and Country Animal Hospital in Ocala, we help pet owners determine what vaccines are needed and when the right time to administer the vaccinations are. We also help pet owners track their pet’s vaccination schedule to ensure that their pet maintains immunity to these diseases.

Contact Your Pet’s Ocala Veterinarians for Vaccinations Today

Pet vaccinations are important for keeping pets healthy! To make an appointment with your Ocala veterinarians to get your pet vaccinated, contact us today at (352) 840-7020