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Pet Grooming

Ocala Pet Grooming:

Compassionate, Experienced Care for Your Dog & Cat

Dog Getting A BathWho doesn't like to be pampered at the spa? Everyone loves to feel fresh and clean – and that goes for pets, too! At Town & Country Animal Hospital, our Ocala veterinarians and groomers provides comprehensive pet grooming services, including bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expressing. Regular grooming not only helps your pet look and feel his or her best, but also provides an important opportunity for our veterinary team to check for potential skin problems. Our veterinary care team includes two experienced, professional groomers who provide a high level of grooming care for dogs and cats.

Support Your Pet’s Health with Ocala Pet Grooming: A Wellness Essential!

Whether you give your pet the occasional bath at home or the sight of water sends your pet running the other direction, professional pet grooming care is an important wellness essential for all dogs and cats. Regular baths with our pet groomer will wash away excess oils and dirt from your pet’s skin, which can attract unpleasant odors and create a breeding ground for fleas. Our Ocala pet groomers only use hypoallergenic pet shampoos that are gentle and safe for your pet. After a complete bath, we will brush and trim your pet’s hair. Regular brushing and trimming (for long-haired pets) is important to reduce the amount of shedding your pet experiences and prevent matted or tangled fur. Our professional groomers understand the best way to carefully handle your pet and gently eliminate any tangles thanks to expert brushing and trimming techniques.

In addition to standard bathing and trimming, our pet groomers also provides specialized care, such as nail trimming and anal gland expressing. Both of these services require steady, experienced groomers so a pet feels comfortable and relaxed during the process. With nail trimming, for example, a slight slip of the trimmer could over-trim the nail, causing the nail quick to bleed. Anal gland expressing can also be tricky and should only be done by a professional. Our Ocala veterinarians strongly recommends choosing experienced pet groomers to perform these critical wellness care services.

Our pet groomers Jazmin and Terri are pet lovers with decades of experience professionally caring for animals. Jazmin's been grooming pets as long as she could hold a brush! She was “born into it" since her mother is a groomer as well, who taught her the skills needed to assist her at a young age. Terri has more than 20 years of experience as a professional groomer. Terri also raises AKC champion Cocker Spaniels and has worked as an obedience instructor. Jazmin and Terri provide experienced, compassionate care that helps even the most nervous or anxious pet feel at ease during their grooming session.

Could your pet benefit from a fresh bath, a quick nail trim, or a shorter coat for the hot summer months? Don't forget to book early for the holidays...everyone wants their pet to look nice for their family get-together.  Contact our Ocala veterinarian today for this essential wellness care service. Call (352) 840-7020.