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Find Your Lost Pet More Easily -- Thanks to Microchipping

Of the thousands of pets who go missing each year, many never see their owners again. Ordinary tags can come off, rendering lost animals unidentifiable to anyone who encounters them. If you wish there were a more permanent and reliable means of letting the world know who's looking for him, you're in luck. A modern identification technique known as microchipping makes it easy to scan your pet's body for the necessary information that can reunite him with his family -- and we're happy to offer this technology here at Town & Country Animal Hospital in Ocala, FL.

Exactly what do we mean by "microchipping" a pet? The microchip in question is a tiny transceiver chip (only about the size of a grain of rice) that contains a unique ID number. The ID number is also kept by the same national pet registration service that issued the chip -- along with your contact information. The chip carries no power source of its own, which means that you never have to worry about it losing its ability to transmit information. Instead, it relies on the energy of a radio-frequency scanning beam emitted by a handheld scanner. Whenever someone who works with animals (a vet clinic, an animal shelter, et cetera) scans an unidentified pet , the unique ID number is transmitted to the scanner. The person who found your pet can then use this information to match the animal up with the ID data on file with the registry. This allows them to contact you and let you know that your pet has been found.

Microchipping at Town & Country Animal Hospital

Microchipping your pet at Town & Country Hospital is much easier and more affordable than many people realize. The chip is so small that no implantation surgery is required; we simply use a hypodermic needle to inject it near a shoulder blade, just under the skin, as if we were administering an injection. The procedure takes only a moment -- but the peace of mind it brings can extend throughout the life of your pet.

Microchipping does not make ordinary dog tags obsolete by any means -- in fact, we still heartily recommend that you maintain the practice of tagging your dog with all his relevant contact and vaccination data. This enables the average member of the community who doesn't have a scanner to identify your pet and contact you. But a tag can be torn away from a collar, or the collar itself might even come off. Microchipping is a reliable "second line of defense" to give your beloved friend a chance of being reunited with you even if the tag fails. That's why we urge pet owners to include this service among other common preventative wellness procedures.

Don't let your best friend go missing without hope of recovery. Call Town & Country Animal Hospital at (352) 840-7020 to schedule microchipping for your pet!