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Spay & Neuter FAQ

Town & Country Animal Hospital Spay and Neuter FAQs

Dog with veterinarians in Ocala

Here at Town & Country Animal Hospital, our veterinarians in Ocala want you to keep your pets safe and healthy, and one of the ways you can do that is with a spay or neuter surgery. Here are some common questions asked by our patients:

Why should I have my female pet spayed with your veterinarians in Ocala?

You should have your female pet spayed with our veterinarians in Ocala to remove the possibility of your female pet becoming pregnant and having a litter or puppies or kittens. Spaying female pets also reduces their chances of developing breast cancer and uterine infections and cancer.

Why should I have my male pet neutered?

Many owners of male pets do not believe they need to be neutered because they can’t get pregnant. Unfortunately, male pets can impregnate female pets, which helps add to the pet overpopulation problem. Male pets, who are left intact, may also exhibit aggressive behavior, mark their territories with urine and try to escape your home to find a mate. Neutering renders your male pet sterile so he cannot impregnate a female pet. It may lessen aggressive and unwanted behaviors, like spraying and trying to escape your home or yard, and it will remove the possibility of testicular cancer.

What is a spay surgery?

A spay surgery involves the removal of your dog or cat’s ovaries and uterus. During the surgery, your pet is given some anesthesia and her vitals are monitored throughout the surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. Our veterinarians can perform spays as soon as your pet is weaned and reaches a certain weight. If you are unsure as to whether or not your pet can be spayed, call our office.

What is a neuter surgery?

A neuter surgery involves the removal of your pet’s testes. This surgery also involves anesthesia, but it does not take as long as a spay surgery. Some small cats can be neutered in just a few minutes. The process of removing your pet’s testicles involves making a small incision in your pet’s scrotum and removing each testicle. After the surgery, your pet will be given time to recover in our recovery room before going home.

How long will it take my pet to recover from their sterilization surgery?

Pets usually heal and fully recover in about two weeks. During the two weeks directly after your pet’s surgery, you will be asked to check the incision multiple times a day and limit your pet’s activities. Most pets are groggy and sleepy for about a day after the surgery, and some may display signs of discomfort for a few days after the surgery. If you are worried about your pet’s pain, you can call our vet and ask about pain control.

How do I schedule an appointment for a spay or neuter with one of your veterinarians in Ocala?

You can schedule a spay or neuter surgery with one of our veterinarians in Ocala by calling (352) 840-7020.