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Spay & Neuter

Having your pet spayed or neutered is a wonderful way to benefit our entire community; but did you know that spay and neuter surgery brings great benefits for your pet and family too? It is one of the best preventative medical procedures for your pet. Our animal hospital uses laser surgery techniques to provide neuter and spay surgeries, which drastically reduces recovery time, bleeding and rare, but potential, complications.

Spaying and Neutering Pet Surgery Benefits

We are proud to be able to offer the benefits of laser pet surgery for spaying and neutering procedures. During a spay surgery, our  veterinarian surgically removes a female pet’s reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes). She will never become pregnant after this. During a laser neuter surgery, we remove a male pet’s testicles, which makes him unable to impregnate a female. These are safe, routine veterinary services that we do for pets that have reached at least 6 months of age. In fact, there are usually fewer complications and pets recover more quickly at this age, before they reach sexual maturity. Although these are routine surgeries, we treat them just as seriously as any other surgery; this includes pre-op blood testing work to clear your pet for the right anesthesia.

There are several major benefits to spaying and neutering surgeries:

  • Fixed pets live, on average, about 40% longer than unfixed pets because these surgeries eliminate several major health risks for both male and female pets. Reproductive organ cancers are some of the most common and deadly killers in pets; but when these organs are removed via surgery, the risks are also essentially removed.
  • Spayed female pets are less agitated and do not attract eager, unfixed males to your home. They also never undergo the potential complications of pregnancy, or the infections many unfixed females get.
  • Neutered males are less aggressive and hormonally-driven. They are less likely to spray your home with urine, wander off into traffic in search of a female, get into fights with other males or exhibit other destructive behaviors trying to escape your home or yard. They are far easier to train and focus more on your family.
  • Your family will enjoy a longer, higher-quality of life with your pet, with fewer expenses for injuries, cancers and other pregnancy-related complications.
  • Spayed and neutered pets do not get fat and lazy—a proper diet and plenty of exercise take care of that.
  • Having your pets spayed and neutered is far less expensive and time consuming than responsibly taking care of an unanticipated litter of puppies or kittens (feeding, training, providing veterinary care for and adopting them all out, etc.).

In short, having your pet spayed or neutered is responsible, wise and a wonderful gift for a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life with your pet. To learn more about these or other veterinary services we provide, talk with our veterinarians at (352) 840-7020.