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Pet Radiology

When your pet is injured or under-the-weather, our Ocala animal hospital is here to provide sick and injured pet care with compassion and skill. Here at Town & Country Animal Hospital, we understand that your pet is part of your family, which is why we go out of our way to treat them like one of our own. And when it comes to getting to the bottom of an illness or injury, our digital pet radiology services can be extremely useful.

cat x-ray

What is Digital Radiology?

Digital radiology is used to perform a cat X-ray or dog X-ray here in our office; this diagnostic tool allows us to essentially take a detailed look inside your pet's body without the need for any invasive procedures. Specifically, digital radiology is a more advanced method of doing this than traditional radiology, which uses film that needs to be developed before the images can be viewed. While film radiology was ground-breaking when it was first introduced and paved the way for significant advancements in medical and veterinary care, we now use state-of-the-art digital radiology here in our office, and for good reason.

Uses and Benefits of Digital Pet Radiology

There are many potential uses for digital radiology for pets. For starters, this technology can be used to evaluate just about any organ in the body without invasive procedures. This includes the heart and lungs, which are vital organs for any pet. Being able to examine and assess organs can help our veterinary team confidently diagnose certain medical issues, including:

  • blockages in the intestines
  • the growth of tumors or other masses
  • broken or fracture bones
  • bladder stones

These are all medical problems that can otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to accurately diagnose without an internal view.

There are also countless benefits to using digital pet radiology as opposed to traditional, film radiology. For starters, because there is no need to wait for the film to develop in order to view images, we're able to immediately see X-rays and begin evaluating them. This means less of a wait for pet owners and more prompt care when needed. Furthermore, digital radiology emits very low amounts of radiation, so pet owners can enjoy greater peace of mind when having these done. And of course, the procedure is completely safe, painless, and non-invasive to pets, making this one of the best diagnostic methods available. The higher quality of digital X-rays also makes it easier for us to see a clear picture and even zoom in when needed, which increases our ability to make accurate diagnoses.

Schedule a Dog or Cat X-Ray With Our Ocala Animal Hospital

If your pet is in need of a cat or dog X-ray, or if your pet is showing symptoms of an unexplained illness or injury, schedule an appointment with our Ocala animal hospital today. You can reach our team at Town & Country Animal Hospital by calling (352) 840-7020.