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Heartworm Disease

Town & Country Animal Hospital in Ocala Can Help Protect Your Dog from Heartworms

Protecting your dog from heartworm disease and other parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, can be challenging. Town & Country Animal Hospital in Ocala, FL helps pet owners treat and prevent illnesses.

dog getting examined for heartworm disease

What is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is caused when mosquitos bite and infect your dog with the larvae of a heartworm. Adult heartworms can cause serious damage to the heart and lungs of pets or even cause death. Symptoms of heartworm disease include difficulty breathing, vomiting, coughing, and weight loss.

Preventing Heartworm Disease

Your veterinarians will recommend a monthly dose of medication to prevent heartworm disease. Giving regular heartworm preventative prevents existing larvae from growing into adult heartworm. Regular monthly dosages of preventatives can help protect against roundworms and hookworms which is contagious to humans. Some heartworm preventives also include flea and tick control.

Treating Dogs for Heartworm Disease

When dogs develop heartworm disease each worm is approximately 13 inches long. After a positive heartworm test, we take x rays for further diagnostics. If the pet is able to undergo heartworm treatment they get a series of injections and oral medications to support them while being treated. Not all dogs are healthy enough to undergo heartworm treatment.

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Giving heartworm preventative monthly will prevent heartworm disease, infections by hookworms or roundworms, to help keep pets healthy. Town & Country Animal Hospital provides expert veterinary services to help keep pets healthy and happy. You can schedule an appointment by contacting us at 352-840-7020 today!