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Pet Dental FAQs

Dental care helps keep your pet comfortable and happy. Dental disease can be painful and unpleasant for your pet. In addition, pets with dental disease often have bad breath, and that can be bad for your relationship with your pet, as well. Our Ocala veterinarians have provided some answers to your most commonly asked questions to help keep you on top of your pet's oral health. 

What can I do to take care of my pet's teeth?

Pet dental care, Ocala, FLDogs and cats need their teeth brushed just like people. You can do this by buying a toothbrush specifically designed for your pet type (dog or cat), and toothpaste formulated for your pet. It's important not to use human toothpaste for your pet. Once you've bought these products, you'll have to train your pet to accept regular tooth brushings. Start by touching your pet's teeth and gums with a gauze on your finger. Once you've gotten your pet used to this process, you can start brushing your pet's teeth with a brush, and then you can start integrating toothpaste into the routine.

In addition to the tooth brushing process, you can also take care of your pet's teeth by giving him or her dental-cleaning chew toys, and by taking your pet to the veterinary dentist at Town & Country Animal Hospital, in Ocala.

How do I know if my pet has dental disease?

If your pet has dental disease, you'll see signs in your pet's mouth and behavior. Inside your pet's mouth, you'll see:

  • Discolored teeth and gums
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath

Your pet's behavior may also change. You may notice that he or she has difficulty eating or chewing. You may also see a marked loss of appetite.

What can a dental veterinarian do for my pet?

Your pet's dental veterinarians can give your pet regular cleanings and inspect his or her teeth for signs of dental disease. Your pet's dental veterinarians can also fill his or her cavities, if your pet has cavities. Teeth that are too damaged to save can be extracted.

Are these procedures painful for my pet?

These procedures are generally not painful because we use anesthesia to keep your pet calm and relaxed. This is safer for your pet and for the dentist.

Will you need to use anesthesia every time?

We'll decide after looking at your pet's teeth whether or not we want to use anesthesia during the dental procedures.

Why is dental care important for my pet?

Periodontal disease can have long-term implications for your pet's health. Keeping your pet's teeth healthy is an important part of keeping your pet's body healthy.

For more information about pet dental care, contact your Ocala veterinarians at Town & Country Animal Hospital, and make your first pet dental appointment today. We'll inspect your pet's teeth and tell you what the next steps are in order to provide your pet with quality dental care. Don't wait, call us today at (352) 840-7020.