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Pet Dermatology

Veterinary Dermatology Services

Veterinary dermatologists provide care for Ocala dogs and catsYour pet's skin faces a great many external threats each and every day, from parasites and allergens to potentially dangerous growths. Just as humans should have our skin checked at regular intervals and receive treatment from an experienced dermatologist, pet owners rely on veterinary dermatologists to help their animal family members enjoy long and healthy lives. At Town & Country Animal Hospital, we provide veterinary dermatology services for Ocala pets just like yours -- so if your pet requires skilled and experienced skin care, call us!

What Is Veterinary Dermatology?

The field of veterinary dermatology covers any and all skin diseases or conditions that afflict animals, from simple dog rashes to cancerous growths. Skin evaluations are as essential to your pet's health as vaccinations, spaying or neutering and dental checkups. We look for any unusual discolorations, lumps, bald spots, or obvious signs of infestation by parasites, as well as such obvious giveaways as itchiness, inflammation or tenderness.

External parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites account for many of the skin problems seen by veterinary dermatologists. Ticks are hard to miss in a visual inspection, but fleas can appear as mere specks and can jump from one site to another. Both fleas and ticks can transmit dangerous diseases through their bites -- for example, fleas can spread pyoderma, a bacterial infection that creates oozing "hot spots" or blistered areas. A serious tick infestation can cause significant blood loss over time while also transmitting Lyme or other diseases.

Mites are even tinier than fleas and like to hide inside the ears of dogs and cats, though they Ocala veterinary dermatology treats flea and tick infestationscan attach themselves to any part of the skin. Mites can cause hair loss, itchiness, and reddened, irritated skin. Puppies, kittens and pets with immune dysfunctions often show the worst symptoms from mite attacks. We can prescribe special shampoos or medications to rid your pet of fleas, ticks or mites and then address illnesses or infections as needed to help your pet's skin heal.

Your pet need not have close encounters with parasites to develop a skin irritation. Cat or dog rashes can also result from contact with natural irritants or allergens at home or in the wild. In some cases a pet's own immune system attacks his skin, creating itchy, irritated lesions. The pet then responds to irritation by licking or chewing the area, making the problem worse and opening the door to complications. Whatever the cause of your pet's rash, we can relieve the discomfort, diagnose the underlying cause and provide the appropriate treatment.

Tumor removal is a relatively common surgical procedure for veterinary dermatologists. Fortunately most of these tumors turn out to be benign. We can perform biopsies and remove skin cancers to protect your pet's health and possibly even save his life.

Give your pet the same level of preventative skin care and treatment you want for anyone else in your family. Contact our office today by calling (352) 840-7020!