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Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding & Cat Boarding in Ocala, FL

Dog and Cat Boarding

At Town & Country Animal Hospital we know how hard it can for caring pet owners to have to leave town without their pet. As passionate pet professionals and animal lovers ourselves, we strive to make sure that every pet that stays in our facilities feels like they are at home. We are equipped to handle the short-term care and housing of a range of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, and other small animals. We love our pet family and we consider it our goal to put you and your pet’s mind at ease in knowing that they are in good, capable, caring hands while you are away.

Standard Pet Boarding Procedures

One thing we make sure of and insist upon when we board any animal is that they must have regular human interaction and loving attention on a regular basis. That is the core goal of our boarding service but we also provide so much more. During your pet’s say with us, we can administer medicine, follow dietary restrictions, ensure that they are getting proper daily exercise and receiving attention for any special needs they may have. Communication is a key factor in making sure that your pet has the best experience possible with us, so we do as much information intake at the beginning so that we understand the optimal way to accommodate your pet’s individual needs and personality.

Benefits of Boarding a Pet with a Professional Veterinary Service

Most pets enjoy being a companion to their owners and when you’re away, pets can experience separation anxiety, just like children. One of the biggest benefits of boarding your pets, instead of just having someone come in to check on them periodically at your home, is that our facility allows for social interaction not only with other pets but the staff as well. Your pets may be a bit timid and feeling down in the dumps when you first arrive to drop them off, but our goal by the end of their stay with us is to make sure that they feel as if they’ve found a second home.

First Time Visitors

We love our existing family of pets and owners but we are always happy to welcome new animal lovers and pets into the fold. If you are in need of boarding services or if you’re indecisive about where you should leave your pet while you’re away, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to speak with you and explain all the details about how our boarding service works. We’re even happy to have you and your pet come into the office for a “meet and greet,” so your pet can get to know our staff a little bit, which can go a long way towards helping them feel a bit more at ease when they come to stay for a boarding visit.