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Heartworm Prevention

One of the most common, and serious threats pets face is heartworms. If left untreated over time, your pet could become seriously ill, and they could be potentially fatal. Having a regular heartworm prevention routine is simple with the help of Town & Country Animal Hospital serving the residents of Ocala, FL.


Be Proactive About Heartworm Prevention

Whether you are looking for heartworm prevention options that work for your pet, or you are considering adopting a pet, you can find answers to your questions about the different options by speaking with one of our knowledgeable staff or a veterinarian. If you have your pet screened for heartworms, we will do a few simple tests to determine if there are heartworms present.  If they are detected, your pet can begin a treatment regimen to clear them over a course of time. If there are no heartworms present, we will recommend monthly heartworm treatments designed to keep them healthy, happy, and heartworm free. Don't wait to address this important issue that can affect dogs of all ages and breeds. 

Heartworm Prevention In Ocala, FL

Heartworms are common because they are easily spread by a widespread pest; the mosquito. That's why it is important to prevent water from standing in your yard or near your home. However, the best way to take measures to prevent heartworms in your pet is to seek the assistance of a veterinarian who can provide long-term prevention and care.

Our clinic and veterinary professionals can provide the latest in the detection of heartworms in all stages, as well as top quality heartworm prevention products. If you are considering or have recently adopted a pet and haven't taken them for a routine exam, now is the time to schedule an appointment. Don't wait and risk exposing them to heartworms that can be contracted anywhere. The residents of Ocala FL can rely on the professional and friendly services that Town & Country Animal Hospital can provide including heartworm treatment and prevention. 

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Our staff at Town & Country Animal Hospital look forward to working with you and your pet to give you both the services you need to provide them with a long, happy, and healthy life. Anyone living near the Ocala area should call to schedule a consultation or wellness exam to get started providing heartworm prevention.