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Ocala Pet Grooming Services 

Myra_grooming12.jpgOur Ocala pet grooming team provides comprehensive dog and cat grooming services that include bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expressing. Regular grooming helps to maintain a pet's hygiene. During a grooming appointment, we will also check a pet’s overall skin and coat condition, helping to detect and treat skin problems before they adversely affect a pet’s health.

Professional Veterinary Grooming Important for Pet Health

Regular pet grooming is important for a pet’s hygiene and health. For example, when a pet plays outside, pollen, dust and dirt can accumulate on his fur. When your pet comes inside, these contaminants and allergens come inside, too. Matted fur can quickly become home to fleas, ticks or other parasites. Regular baths will help keep a pet's coat soft and shiny, removing pollen that can irritate allergies and prevent the buildup of matted fur.

While at-home bathing is a great way for pet owners to bond with their pets, it can also be challenging if a pet is nervous or anxious. Our professional Ocala pet grooming team can help; we are fully experienced caring for dogs and cats of all sizes, ages and dispositions. Using a compassionate, gentle touch, our pet grooming team will help pets relax and enjoy their grooming appointment. We use only personal grooming products that are safe for your pet. These hypoallergenic products are even safe for use with young puppies and kittens.

When bathing pets, our animal hospital includes ear cleaning, nail trimming, and anal gland expression with every bath at no additional charge. These are pet grooming services that can be difficult for any pet owner to do at home on their own. For example, nail trimming must be carefully done with dogs to avoid trimming the quick. Cutting the quick can cause bleeding and pain. If your dog is anxious, restless or nervous, holding your dog still to trim his nails can be a significant challenge. Other treatments, like anal gland expression, are best left to trained veterinary professionals. Our professional groomers will safely provide these services for your pet.

While grooming your pet, our veterinary team will keep an eye out for possible skin conditions that have previously been undetected. Many skin problems in pets involve similar symptoms. It can be difficult for pet owners to detect whether a pet’s scratching and itching is normal or symptomatic of a skin problem. Our veterinary team can help; should we notice anything during your pet’s grooming appointment, our veterinarians are just steps away to take a closer look. This proactive wellness care is part of our commitment to helping your pet look great and be healthy.

If your pet is new to grooming or had a bad experience in the past, our compassionate and experienced team knows just how to help your pet relax. After a visit with our skilled pet grooming team, your pet will feel clean, fresh and revitalized. Contact our veterinarians today to learn more and schedule your pet’s appointment!

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